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Within each and every individual lies a set of beliefs that help set the foundation and fundamentals of his or her existence. These beliefs are uniquely crafted from one’s own experience and personal choices, or established through an others’ personal influences or doctrine. No matter the scenario, these beliefs determine an individuals’ priorities, justify their actions, help determine what he or she is fond of and aids them in answering some of life’s challenging questions. Most importantly these beliefs create a standard guide of living for each and every person. It is these very beliefs that define and constitute a person’s worldview; the central system that ones uses to explain life and all its components. Each individual’s worldview is composed of their core beliefs and helps bring order and understanding to a wide range of experiences that they will encounter throughout their existence. Although each individual holds their own worldview, each and every worldview is composed of essential elements that help mold his or hers’ moral convictions and their perspective on life and all its components.

The elements of a worldview can be defined as the core beliefs that form a central system to explain life. These elements provide a basis for assessing the values, insights and knowledge claimed by others ( Palmer pg.31). Elements of a worldview help establish ones’ ideology in a systematic way that incorporates ones beliefs and values into everyday issues, questions and overall life occurrences. It is these very elements that help establish a set of norms that help one conclude what is right, normal, ethical or even beautiful. Another important element of a worldview is the rituals and practices that come from each individuals’ core beliefs. Each individual in some way or form celebrates, practices or does some form of reenactment to express the importance of his or her values. Another essential element of a worldview is the narrative that is both followed and formed. A narrative recounts certain events that helped that person establish his or her core beliefs. A narrative can also be constructed out of one’s own personal experience. It can be used as a form of expression, a reminder of what he or she believes in, or a form of documentation for others who share similar beliefs. Although the criteria for worldview elements are all the same, each individuals’ elements are composed of different beliefs, practices and customs. It is these very differences that bring forth individuality, but are often times the cause of disagreement and dispute.

Often times differing worldviews are the cause of conflict and disagreement. One particular individual’s worldview can often times challenge and contradict an other persons values, beliefs and opinions. In many situations this is extremely challenging for a person, leading them to frustration and dispute with an other . Some of the issues with opposing worldviews is the uproar they often times create. People dispute over who is right, grow embarrassed after being integrated by others who disapprove of their opinions, ,or in many cases grow a sense of superiority over other peoples’ core values and beliefs. An other major issue that we face with differing worldviews is the matter of who is right and who is wrong. With good justification anyone’s beliefs can be

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