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Train of thought
Innermost feelings
All sorts of feelings
How long does this campaign also need to persist?
This is not the game which capture,
Why but has to face Is not the result which you dies is I perishes?
I, so am really naive, so collapse at the first blow?
You, so the neutrality, so is really objective?
He, really so makes one loathe, so the rascal?
Nobody can understand that, does contains filling persons taste, especially when I discover own soft ear
Like this gets down, can be mutually wounded, the gain does not equal the loss
How should stop? How should recall? My at a loss
Clear purifies oneself? Too close to the problem?
I looked that, Is persons selfishness is making the calamity
Each people all in make the plan for oneself, strives for the thing for oneself which pursues
That, who comes

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