Different Leadership Theories
Different Leadership Theories
Different Leadership Theories and Where I Fit Into Them
I have just been appointed supervisor, and since this is the first time I have been in a
formal leadership role I want to do anything possible to ensure that I am successful. I
decided to do some research on leadership theories on my own. I have also taken two
personality tests online, which were the 5-factor IPIP Personality test by Tickle, and the
other one was from FunEducation. I wanted to find out what they say my personality type
is, so I could figure out what leadership theory I fit into.
The 5-Factor IPIP personality test showed that I had a unique quality, and that it was
that I am unusually agreeable. I am not so sure about this part, because if I feel that
someone is wrong then I will go out of my way to prove it. The test then goes on to say
that I believe that people are inherently good, and that I tend to listen to my heart on
important matters. I definitely agree with this part of the test, because that is exactly how
I am. The personality test continues to evaluate me as a gentle, sincere person with a
desire to help others. This is also another aspect of my personality that is true, but the test
also says that I am straightforward, but that I am not the type of person to brag about my
life, or the things in my life. This is also true, and as for being straightforward, well lets
just say that I have been called brutally honest. The test continues on to say that people
like me more, because I am good at helping others realize their own talents, and because I
listen to other peoples suggestions. The only part that I disagree with is that it says people
tend to like me more. I actually have very few friends, but they are good friends. Most
people do however respect me, and on occasion I have come across those who are
jealous, and who have caused problems for me. This test also says that my personality as
compared to others who are agreeable that I am unusually capable of clearly expressing
my feelings and opinions, and it says that only 1.8% of all test takers have this unique
combination of personality strengths (The 5-Factor IPIP Personality Test). I can agree
with about 98% of this test, because I can honestly say that this test almost fits me to a
The personality test on FunEducation is broken down into five categories also, but
they are different, and are broken down into conscientiousness, agreeableness,
extroversion, openness, and emotional stress tolerance. Under conscientiousness I fall
under the organized, dutiful, but am able to put work aside easily. Agreeableness is the
same as the other test. Extroversion says that I am comfortable in some social situations,
and conversations. Openness says that I prefer current activities and ideas to new ones,
which is true, because I really dont like to change things if the current ones are
working. My motto is if it aint broke dont fix it. My emotional stress tolerance tends to
be stable, poised, and level-headed (FunEducation). For the most part I can agree that I
do have a high stress tolerance, which is good for me considering what I do for a living
After gaining some insight of my personality

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