Big 5 Personality Test
The results of the big five personality test basically told me what I already know about myself.  The first result states that I am relatively open to new experiences, which I find vague and not terribly useful.  The second dimension stated that I am neither organized nor disorganized.  I can’t think of a more vague and obtuse result for this dimension.  The third dimension was spot on for me, I am extremely outgoing, social and energetic.  The fourth dimension states that I am neither extremely forgiving nor irritable.  Two adjectives that I do agree do not describe me well.  And lastly the fifth dimension states that I tend to be anxious or nervous which, due to my anxiety disorder, I do indeed tend to be.  In all I found this personality test a true waste of my time as it literally told me nothing that isn’t painfully obvious in the first 30 seconds of meeting me.The emotional intelligence test informed me that I have high emotional intelligence.  I have been able to read people’s emotions since I was young and I am able to use that to my advantage.  I can tell when a person is being affected by something even if they don’t show it on the outside.  By flipping through influences until I hit the one that emotionally affects them I am able to manipulate the situation towards the best overall outcome.  For example, if I am in a sales situation I am able to guide the individual toward the best option for them based on how they are reacting internally to the things that I am saying.  Likewise this skill has made me a valuable asset for my friends when they are in distress.  I am able to recognize what calms them and focus on that calming action to help alleviate their stress to allow them to effectively overcome the obstacle.  In summation, I do agree with the emotional intelligence test results.

My third test was the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test.  My type was an ENFP, which stands for extravert intuitive feeling perceiving.  I have taken Myers-Briggs tests many times before and the results are always the same.  I wholeheartedly agree with the response as it is my personality to a tee.  What’s interesting is my brother, whom I am extremely close with, is an INFP.  When you meet the two of us we are exactly alike in every way except one.  I can walk into a crowd and work it with no problem, whereas he must warm up to the group before being able to express himself.  Thus, I definitely agree that I am an extravert.  I always choose the scientific way to describe and make sense of the world around me.  Thus, I am very intuitive more so than sensing.  I personally would think that I am more thinking over feeling, but the test always proves me wrong.  I am indifferent to the response that I slightly prefer perceiving over judging.  I think both have their strong suits and evidently I employ both.  In summation, this is a very affective and useful test.

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