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Direct mailing will ultimately reach more customers, its fun, convenient, hassle free, and not to mention less costly. We would also save time; have a larger merchandise selection, comparison-shopping, and our customers would be able to order products for themselves or others. We could also sell to other companies, if we were to do so, it would consist of direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response; we will have lists for almost any market; customized offers; ongoing relationships with our customers; timed to achieve higher readership and response; and finally there would be privacy.

Personal selling on the other hand is the oldest form of selling, it lends credibility to a firm because it allows buyers to interact with and ask questions of the seller. (Ebert & Griffin, 2005) In addition, as mentioned before, it would gain a vast display of space in retail stores such as the card shops, grocery stores, and gift shops. The one-to-one communication between seller and customer could be very important for us because it would make our customers realize how important they are to our company and us. This way of selling would be great but then again what if the benefits of our product are not clear enough, we would have to train all of our personnel and sellers on the product and they in turn would have to know everything there is to know about cards, especially, specialty cards. This form of selling can also be costly; you have to have samples, premiums, and other offers, which are not necessary for our product because our customers can just look at our catalog

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