Filipino Culture – Personal Essay
When we first saw the crowd, I noticed how they looked at us with curiosity but without the excitement I expected. Although this should be expected as we are strangers to them and have already formed an initial impression based from the past groups who went first. There was an initial shyness and awkwardness amongst the class as most of us are new to such gathering. Regardless, all of us picked a senior to sit with and be their partner throughout the rest of the event.

I interviewed a mother of 6 children, a vegetable vendor and caring person. At her 70s, she had those eyes that reminded me of my grandmother. Calm, serene, peaceful and loving. She was a quiet person who had a very jolly best friend who was with her. As we were doing the interview, I open up opportunities for her to share about her personal life making our interview more meaningful than compliance. I got to know her more while she shared their family’s daily challenges, their beliefs, her children’s lives and many more random things. Although they were not as privileged as us, she exemplifies, hospitality, hardworking, loving, caring hand warm vibes to you. She acts as mediator and “manang” of their place where she

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