The Needy Co-Worker
Bassem MostafaMarwa Abdel El Kader AlbarEMD 46The needy Co-WorkerUsing the five steps process, how would you handle this situation?AvoidingPrevent this person from talking too much about his personal issues by butting yourself as an example not to mix between work and personal relationship, also don’t give your opinion about any personal issue, by this you will limit the discussion on work place to work issues only.    AccommodatingIn this process I can give him, or her the space to speak about his issue but with focusing on classifying the problems to think about setting a plan how he will fix this problem and to move to the next issue till he expressed all his issues and we helped him to think about solutions because next time he express an old issue that was discussed before all what we need to do is to remind him with the solution. CollaboratingNow I will give him the hand to solve his problem whether through some experts that are specialized on these kind of issues also will try to help him finding a way to organize his time between his personal issues and the due dates of his business tasks because they are very important as much as his personal issues.   CompetingI’ll put the workplace before the personal issues and put in his mind that he can solve his problems if he has some self-confident also I’ll encourage the rest of employees because they are sustaining this odd situation so not to let the frustration sneak to them.CompromisingTelling him that every this is going to be ok and he have to try to forget his personal issues by focusing of job and just give him the Sympathy that he need without giving him any useful solutions. What are some other issues that are occurring in the unit that might produce bad apples (Bad behavior)? Once the employee behavior started to affect the unit’ performance & missing deadlines,  all his coworkers will become upset and frustrated, especially these issues have been continued for more than a year now. It will not matter anymore if they like him/her personally, as he/she started to become a negative influence for all her surroundings.Bad apple, people who do not do their fair share of the work, who are chronically unhappy and emotionally unstable – act like a virus, destroying tem dynamics and creating the unit dysfunction.

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