Personal Goals
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Some of the personal goals I would like to achieve as a University of Phoenix student. I would like to receive first my BSBM degree, then my MA. Train my self to become more focused on school. Managing my personal life. Dealing with different people of all kind. Finally to gain the knowledge to becoming a successful businesswomen and earning more income.

Starting school again is a real challenge for me being that I have not been is school for a while now. I went straight from high school right into the military for four years, but while in the service I took some college classes but it was very different from attending a campus. All of my classes were done aboard the ship with college professors from different colleges all around the country. Although, I did receive some I was not able to attend all the classes that I signed up for because if it interfered with my job or work hours my supervisors would not let me take the course. Now that I am attending a college and nothing is really holding me back. I can now put all of my time and hard work into studying more, completing all required assignments as well as completing all home work and team assignments on time. I would like to receive my degree and once I have did that I would like to go the highest that I am allowed to go. Having my degree and some experience will get in the right job that I decide on. That way I can receive a better paying job and to be able to provide for my family better. I would like to have the feeling to know that I can take care of them and not have to worry about a degree stopping me.

In high school I was not really into school at all. I did not care what had to be done or when. I no longer have that type of mentality and I am all grown up. Now, that I am a single parent and have my own family. I would like to have my own business and to be a better role model for my daughter and younger siblings. To show them that even though I am a single parent anything you put your mind to can be accomplished regardless of your situation or your circumstances. They look up to me and it is my responsibility to show as well as give them the finer things in life. Explain to them that nothing in life is easy and if they really want it that they can have it. As long as it is what

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