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edule of Assignments and Due Dates – EngC 1011-16 Fall 2006
REVISED 11/16/06
Here is a tentative schedule of major due dates throughout the semester. I will advise you of any changes and additions. All assignments should be ready to be turned in at the beginning of class on the day they are due. Readings and other day-to-day work will be assigned as we go.

A Sequence for Academic Writing (SAW)
A Writers Reference, 5th edition (AWR)
Course Packet (CP)
e-Journal (J)
Paper rough draft (RD)
Paper final draft for grade (FD)
Week 1 (Sept 5/7)

Buy the required materials for this course.

Read the course description/syllabus. Bring any questions you have to the next class meeting. Be ready to sign and hand in “One More Thing.” It is your responsibility to be completely familiar with the information presented in the syllabus.

Skim the Writing Center Handouts. Save some time at the end of class on Thursday to briefly tour the center at the end of class (optional).

Read Chapter 3 SAW

Skim the Personal Essay assignment sheet and sample essay.
Friday: J1 (Please see CP)
Week 2 (Sept 12/14)

Tuesday: Read AWR Composing and Revising, especially pages 3-36. Brainstorm possible topics for your personal essay using any data gathering or invention techniques described in SAW Chapter 3 or AWR Composing and Revising that feel comfortable for you. Bring your ideas to class.

Thursday: Personal Essay Working Thesis and Outline due
Friday: J2
Week 3 (Sept 19/21)
Thursday: Personal Essay RD folder due plus all required materials.

BRING COPIES of your draft to class–one for me and each of the other students in your group.

Your copy for me should be in a folder with your name printed clearly on the outside.

You should include all data gathering, invention, planning, drafting, and revision you have done in connection with this paper. Everything must be clearly labeled.

Friday: J3
Week 4 (Sept 26/28)
Personal Essay RD group conferences outside class in my office (306B LIND) – no formal class on either Tuesday or Thursday
Thursday: Working thesis for Explanatory Synthesis Due by email before 12 midnight.
Week 5 (Oct 3/5)
Tuesday: Learning how to find sources at the University of MN Library (location to be announced)
Thursday: Personal Essay FD folder due with all required materials
Friday: J4
Week 6 (Oct 10/12)
Thursday: Explanatory Synthesis proposal plus working

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