Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts
Essay Preview: Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts
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Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts- Option AJamese GreerArts/100 Experiencing the ArtsSeptember 24, 2018Quinette TukesExperiencing the ArtsWhen we consider craftsmanship, we consider illustrations and depictions. Workmanship can be communicated in numerous structures, not simply through illustrations and canvases; a few people express their aesthetic innovativeness through designing and performing expressions, for example, move, play, and film.        As I would like to think expressions are an approach to convey what needs be. Regardless of whether it is acting, painting or chiseling craftsmanship can be communicated from numerous points of view. My first involvement with workmanship occurred in a primary school where we went to an old art museum. In the historical center, we saw old works of art and antiquities found in the neighborhood grew up. This gallery was an awesome ordeal as a child starting my enthusiasm for expressions of the human experience. History and human expressions have dependably been captivating to me, despite the fact that this is my first school craftsmanship class. My second experience was visiting the national civil rights museum. The museum was a great experience and also very educational. The national civil rights museum experience affected me a lot as far as the background from a lot of the different art, statues and meanings, as a person and coming from an African American background it moved me and helped me to understand that we have come along way.Experience as Visual Arts        I experienced being an audience member of visual arts when I took art in high school. I truly learned how to not actually define art by just looking at it but trying to actually read the meaning of the art and what message the composer is conveying. I really did not know what to expect from art class because I knew nothing about art but it was a pleasure. Our facilitator would even bring in different art and we would discuss them and al give our different meanings of the paintings. I am more of an audience member because I don’t have any experience c with drawing but I have seen some nice visual arts even downtown on Beale street. I chose being an audience member whether than a creator because I have never actually played apart in art or drew art other than being in a play in middle school, so I can relate to being an audience member. I plan on continuing my participation by studying arts and depicting the reason I get from the art as well as visiting different places that have beautiful art and going to plays as I have been doing.

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