Get Rid of the Performance Review
Get rid of performance reviewPopova MariyaUniversity of Redlands MGMT 631- Management and organizational behaviorDr. Eva K.Rose 3 July 2018Get rid of the performance reviewPreparing for my second class I have read the article from Wall Street Journal named “Get rid of the performance review” by Samuel A. Culbert. In that article, the author shares hid ideas about negative impact of performance review on the teamwork and morale in general. He gives particular reasons and examples of how differently employees can react on the same conclusion made by supervisors and how much subjective such reviews might be. I have found out that performance reviews usually highlight the contradictions of two opposite mindsets. While the boss is trying his best to reveal company’s week points and improve them, employees are simply trying to fit in their positions as well as possible and be rewarded. For example, in the text:The boss is thinking about missed opportunities, skill limitations and relationships that could use enhancing, while the subordinate wants to put a best foot forward believing he or she is negotiating pay. (p. 2)         I find this idea to be absolutely trustworthy cause very little number of employees nowadays are led by long-term vision of their companies in their daily routine.         Another important issue mentioned in the article is the lack of team work and low level of employees’ trust to their leaders. People are more likely to ask advice and help from those, who can reveal their best qualities and understand their uniqueness.  Performance reviews are becoming more and more harmful for relationships inside the company because they are raising invisible wall between boss in employees. In the text:

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