Factors of Procrastination Among University Students
OUTLINE Theme: Procrastination among University Students.IntroductionProcrastination is the delaying of a task that was originally planned despite expecting to be worse off for the delay (van Eerde, 2003)May be intentional, incidental or habitual but significantly affects learning and achievement of university students.It slows down the performance of students making them careless, lazy, passive and irresponsible.To discuss the factors of procrastination among university students life nowadaysPoint 1: Poor time management skillsStudents are unable to set priorities of their work and task.Tend to do works that are less important rather than doing the works that are need to do firstUnplanned study schedule – not set plan to do their task and make them difficult to complete the tasks on timeUniversity students procrastinate in their academic studies because of the poor time management skills.Point 2: AttitudeLack of self-discipline- to complete the task that are assigned to them.They do not give commitment to their works and prefer to do activities that are not important such as playing video games, and watching television.It will create anxiety and stress when the deadline comes and may feel impossible to complete the tasks.Perfectionism- personality where students set high standards for themselvesAnd they fear of not meeting those standardsSo students’ attitude is one the reasons students procrastinate.Point 3: Task difficultyThey do not know what to do – students unsure how to start a workMastering knowledge and concept that may be new challenging to them.Lots of works and assignments to do that need them to think critically.Lecturers predict the students can do the tasks given to themSo, task difficulty also can lead the university students to do procrastinationConclusionThe discussion has shown that poor time management skills, attitude and task difficulty are the reasons of procrastination among university students.Students need to do works according to tasks priority and structured their time.Be self-motivated and avoid bad attitude.Try a different study strategies to understand the tasks given to themUniversity students must avoid procrastination in order to perform better in their academic studies.Topic: Discuss Factors of Procrastination among University StudentsConsistency and continuity of procrastinating tendency may become the behavioral trait of individuals particularly, university students (Hussain & Sultan, 2010). The best definition for procrastination is the delaying of a task that was originally planned despite expecting to be worse off for the delay (Van Eerde, 2003). This action is may be intentional, incidental or habitual but it affect the learning and achievement of university students. Procrastination will slows down the performance of students in the way of being lazy, careless, passive and irresponsible towards their works. There are several reasons of procrastination and this essay will discuss the common factors that leading to procrastination among university students.

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