The Road to Perfection
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The road to Perfection
Since the beginning of time, it has existed- an ideal to all, a perfect person. Grasping to be perfect, we have all strived to become it. To know perfection is a mystery to most. Being perfect is expected by society but a perfect person is hard to come by. Beauty models, champions, and winners alike all share it, they are in societys eyes: perfect. Perfection has been defined as something with no flaw. So who would not want to be perfect? Supermodels, fashion designers, and beauty pageants only encourage this never-ending want. When women are judged against other women, they are ridiculed, laughed at and shunned for being themselves. Being born a size one is natural; dieting excessively to become a size one is irrational. Perfection takes its toll on the men as well. To make more, work more, and be a better person has haunted men across the nation. A man is supposed to show no emotion and be strong, but not all men have that ability. Being one who isnt hiding his emotions, others laugh at him, calling him weak. Thinking they are not perfect, these men suffer emotionally. In reality we all suffer the pain. Were we not all created equal? Are the homeless men, women and children that roam our streets less perfect than us just because they do not have a place to go at night?

Personally, I wanted to be perfect. I tried all sorts of things to become perfect. At one point in time I was a model. I went all over the country and the world to model. But I was told that I would never make it to the big leagues, Im just too big. I knew how bad excessive dieting was, but it seemed as though I was forced to do it. I didnt eat for days, what I did eat was very little. This all became a reality to me when one day I passed out jogging. Since that day, I have understood that forcing yourself to become someone who you arent can be dangerous. That was the end of my modeling career. I then took up track. I was great. I ran hurdles and boy did I run them! I set records at districts

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