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Perception of Apple
Perception is the process of selecting, organizing and interpreting sensations into a meaningful whole. (Hanna & Wosniak, 2013, p 75). ¬†Perception is vitally important to the success of any company. ¬†The way people perceive a product may come from having an experienced with it ‚Äď having physical contact with it, making assumptions that it will enhance their self-image. ¬†It can also be influenced by the social environment that an individual is a part of and how they perceive the world around them. ¬†People can also be influenced by what other people say about it without having any prior knowledge of it. ¬†In the following essay, I will look at how the Apple Company and its products are perceived by people. ¬†What makes people choose Apple products over other products? Why is there so much excitement when Apple launch new products and there is huge queues lining up to buy the product at their stores? ¬†Why is people‚Äôs perception of Apple so high?Apple has been in business since 1976. ¬†Technology has been changing at a very fast pace and Apple has been at the forefront of this since day one. ¬†Apple‚Äôs beginning began in computers but they have branched out into smart phones, music players and personal tablets. ¬†Consumers have a positive perception of Apple and its product because they keep being able to surprise people. ¬†They have become known for their innovative and groundbreaking products. ¬†We use perceptual categorization when we evaluate Apple products. ¬†We perceive products made by Apple as being of high quality, of prestige and durability. ¬†When the iPod and iTunes were launched, they reinvented the way we listened to music. They make products that we don‚Äôt think we need until they actually create them. ¬†They are able to put in your mind that this is a product that you need. ¬†When you buy an Apple product, you know you are getting a top quality product at a premium price. ¬†Despite the price of their products, people who buy their products are willing to shelve out the money because have formed a schema in their minds about what Apple is offering them. ¬†Apple has made products which we perceive will make our lives easier. They are perceived as stylish, innovative, multi-tasking and modern. ¬†Their range of products are interlinked with each other. ¬†Apple‚Äôs product range is quite similar in sizes and colours. ¬†They look unique. ¬†You can use your iTunes to download music onto your iPod which you can put onto your iMac. ¬†For example, when the iPhone 4 was launched in 2007, everyone was using their mobile phones just for calling and texting. ¬†Apple launched the iPhone with a lot of extra features that no-one had ever thought was possible. ¬†Suddenly, everyone needed to get one. ¬†Sales in the first week alone proved this.

Visual interpretation is a very important part of perception.  Apple’s logo has played a big part in the company’s success. The logo which is of an apple with a bite taken out of it has changed from a multi-coloured logo to the off-silver colour we know today. The object that consumers connect the Apple brand and their products is the image of the apple.  When consumers see this object, they react and recall and recognize it as an Apple product.  This is visual interpretation by the perceiver.  A symbol can be a very persuasive way of using an object to convey a meaning without words, (Piamonte 2001).  The Apple logo has been present in every verbal and non-verbal communication people have with the company so it becomes a form of habituation in our minds and we are able to store and connect in our minds the logo with their products.Colour has played a big part in the way the Apple brand is perceived.  People analyze does the colour match the brand and in Apple’s case it works. Apple use white to communicate their love of simple, clean design.Apple’s stores are the most profitable in the world.  Apple’s stores have also played a big part on consumer perception.  Apple wants prospective consumers to have an unique shopping experience when you enter one of their stores.  Apple stores look completely different from any other computer store people would go to.  There’s lots of space, pictures on walls of their products.  When you walk in, you are personally greeted by friendly staff but unlike other stores, they aren’t pushy sales people trying to force a sale on you.  Their products are on display in the stores and you can play with them for as long as you want.  Staff are trained that the customer comes first. They are very clever in wanting you to feel comfortable and relaxed and to perceive them as different from other companies.  At the end of the day, their products are brilliant and they want people to try them and the way they use their stores to persuade customers to buy them.

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