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Cheerleading Case
Essay Preview: Cheerleading Case
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High school Cheerleading is one of the most stressful sports that was ever invented on the earth. No joke. Cheerleaders act like complete maniacs at times because there is so much going on. Its not an easy sport. Cheerleaders have to be fit and ready to go non-stop for several days at a time. Cheerleaders have to realize that every sport is recognized. The squad goes to every soccer game, volleyball, tennis, track, cross country, softball, baseball, and wrestling game there is. They are there to support everyone. No one gives up. Cheerleaders go strong even when it is tough. The squad has to be willing to stay at the school till nine oclock at night. Cheerleaders also have to make time for sign making, cheering at the games, buddy treats, practice, competition, community work, there is a lot of aspects that go into it. The three main things a cheerleader does though is getting the crowd involved, the things cheerleaders do outside of the games for the school, and helping out the community.

Getting the crowd involved is one of the hardest things about cheerleading. Cheerleaders do cheers they know the student body will like. Cheerleaders really like to put up stunts during cheers because it gives the crowd something to be excited about. At halftime, cheerleaders usually put on a show so it keeps everybodys energy going for the rest of the game. A good way to get the crowd involved is if the cheerleaders do cheers with hand jives. Though they are fun, most of the time the crowd doesnt get them. Thats okay though because that gives the cheerleaders a chance to teach it. Then it will be passed on, and eventually everybody will follow. The pep band is another great way for the crowd to be involved. The band will play an assortment of music throughout a game. The band will play modern songs that the crowd knows and the crowd will either sing or dance along. This also gets the little kids involved. Its not easy getting the crowd involved, but there are a lot of ways cheerleaders can do it.

Cheerleaders dont just cheer at the games. There is a lot that goes into cheering at the games. Outside of cheering at games, the cheerleaders make a lot of signs and buddy treats. Cheerleaders also have to practice during the week. Some squads do it every day, and other squads do it twice a week. The squad has to practice the dances, cheers, and stunting. It takes a lot of time to practice all the cheers that the squad learns. There are so many that have to be taught and perfected. Stunting takes time too. Its not always easy putting a 120 pound girl up into the air. Cheerleaders have to be fit and strong. The squad is a mixture of strong girls and then there are the girls who are tiny and can fly. The dances are pretty simple to learn. The cheerleaders are usually fast learners. Thats part of the reason the cheerleaders get chosen to be on the squad. There is a lot of time

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