Is Love or Fear the Greater Power?
Essay Preview: Is Love or Fear the Greater Power?
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Is Love or Fear the Greater Power?        Love and fear are two of the greatest powers in people’s lives. Each power is strong in its own way, but only one can be the greatest. This paper will show both sides, but overall this paper will find the greatest power. Love and fear or two completely different things, but people seem to tie the two together very often. Some people believe that when there is an absence of love, it can result in fear or other things such as anger, hatred, and depression. And there are other people that believe that fear can destroy love, so in their mind fear is the greater power. There are many things that represent love and fear, but the number one representation that people know about is God, and the devil. God is the perfect representation for love, and the devil is the perfect representation for fear.        People that believe that when there is an absence of love, it can result in fear believe that love is the greater power. They have come to this believe through personal experiences of when they have lost love, and in their experiences they were fearful of what was to come. When love was in a person’s life, it gives them a sense of strength to not be afraid, because with love other things seem like less of an issue. The definition of love is an intense feeling of deep affection. How can such a simple definition describe such a great power? The answer to this question is that when you really learn about love, you find out that love cannot have a true definition. You can try to define love, but love is such a great power that there is really no way to describe it, you just have to experience it for yourself. Most people understand what love is because from the very beginning you love your parents, because they love you. But, the amazing thing about love is that it is not limited and it can get stronger. You can always have more love. Like previously stated, you grow up loving your parents, but then you get married and you love your wife, and after that you can experience the greatest love of all, the one your parents have been blessed with, and that is the love you will have for your own child.

People who believe that fear is the greater power said that fear can destroy love. In some instances yes fear can destroy love, like if someone was in love with his wife, and she cheats on him. Even if he gets a divorce it would make him fearful to love as much as he used to, because he would always be afraid that the woman could cheat on him again. Love would be destroyed by fear in this situation. By definition fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Now the pain can be emotional like in the previous situation. Again like the question for love, by definition why is fear such a great power? And the answer is that people are afraid of pain, and dangerous situations. People do not like to fear anything; it scares people to know that they are going to die someday.         The main representations of love and fear are the very basis of our existence. God is the ultimate example of love, and Satan is the ultimate example of fear. God enjoys loving people, and is always there for us. But whereas Satan enjoys instilling fear in our minds because it amuses him. God loves all things, because he created all things. Just as people love their children with the greatest love, God loves us, his children, with this great love as well. Satan instills fear but also, he actually fears love, because it is the one power that can overcome fear and hatred. Satan cannot love, so he fears it, he fears what he cannot do. Love is the strongest power, because God is love. If you believe in God and you love him, you have nothing to fear, but if you stray away from God, then Satan can come into the picture.

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