The Power of Baijiu
Essay Preview: The Power of Baijiu
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Peoples lives are always divided into four parts, employment, entertainment, education and life style. In each separate but connected internally with others fraction, have you ever found there are something hidden inside skillfully? Of course, it does have. Baijiu is one of the examples. People usually treat it as a kind of drink, however, baijiu has a latent potential to unite each other, especially, in business. I will present how baijiu takes effects in business according to two distinguish angels, employment, and entertainment.

In business world, baijiu is not simply for drinking, it is more than like a money machine. Coming to an agreement, is not only made in the ordinary conference room, but more frequently and popularly, it might be done on the dining table. The relations between business men are becoming complex and subtle. In other words, many trades break down in the simple square room, because of high pressure and tensity, whereas, unexpectedly, succeed at a free and happy dinner. Baijiu plays an intermediate role, it set up a bridge to link each other. For the experienced businessmen, almost each of them shows a special preference to baijiu. Since humans could easily become friends based on sharing the same interests, in particular, under the effect of baijiu, they may become business partners. There is nothing impossible between friends, more specifically, pot companion. That is the baijius magic.

Recently, the way to do business is flexible. A growing number shows people do business and pursue pleasure at the same time. In some business social party, business men wholly enjoy it without stress and anxiety. They talk, dance, drink and have fun. In this occasion, baijiu serves as the communication tool, as well as red wine. Through liquor power, men long for a faithful friend to whom they can unburden themselves, to pour out their heavy hearts. Further more, it affords a great opportunity to promote the connection between businessmen engaged in diverse fields. While in the process of amusement, people could get more business opportunities as well. Baijiu really makes a difference.

All in all, in business, the magic of baijiu is all-pervading presence. No matter in the work, or during the leisure time, baijiu lays a good foundation to business men that get more chances to coordinate and cooperate. You will never imagine how powerful baijiu is. Taste and feel it, you can get the answer.

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