How Computers Before and After
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What is one of many important inventions that changed peoples lives? Computers, computers changed our way of communicating and media. But what was it like before computers ever came into a persons life?

Before computers were made people were more active, communication, and media was different. People were more forceful before computers. They walked to the library to get information for school work and used typewriters to type essays, there were no spell checks. Kids colored in coloring books and read comic books indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, they played card or board games with their family or play outside. They camped out in their backyards or woods and told each other horror stories. Communication is different henceforth, because people used telephones to talk to one another. For example, if a teenage girl wanted to hang out with her friends, she would have to call and asked them. Also people wrote letters to love ones over in another country. For example, people who were living in World War 1 wrote letters to a love one in war. Furthermore, businesses used large boards to graph their profit and finances. People flew to their business meetings and had to be there at a certain place and time. Media was different because people listened to the sports either on radio or read it in the newspaper. In addition, people bought and listened to music either on record player or CDs. Boom box or cd players were carried around to listen to music on the go.

After computers were made, computers improved the quality of communication. Nowadays, barriers seem to be gradually destroyed. Computer can bring people closer together and facilitate contacts between them. For example, people can communicate with others worldwide by using e-mail. It saves their time compared with letters. Were no longer printing the letters, and putting them into the envelopes and transferring those long distances. Its very convenient for people whod like to send letters to other countries. Also, we can easily access to e-mail almost everywhere. We can check mail from both personal computer at home and public one. Business meetings use computers to talk to the other presidents in the company about their finances. Businesses can use online graphing to show how much the profit increase or decrease.

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