Nietzsche: Virtues/life/morality
Essay Preview: Nietzsche: Virtues/life/morality
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Nietzsche was a unique philosopher that had some very interesting ideas about peoples human values and personality types. In the following passage from Nietzsche, “Ð.this is the image of all life, and from this learn the meaning of your life! And conversely: Read only your own life, and from this understand the hieroglyphs of universal life!” According to Nietzsche, I think he defines that all morality is a manifestation of the will to power. People stress independence, personal dignity, self-approval and the will to succeed. For such people “good” refers to whatever leads to self-fulfillment with values such as strength, courage, power and pride. This appeals to those who are uncertain of themselves. They define “good” as what makes life easier/safer, with such qualities as patience, humility, modesty and compassion.

I agree and disagree with Nietzsche. He helps me understand my own life, in that I agree with the will to power. I am living proof. I want to be in charge of my future. I have goals in every aspect of my life that I want to fulfill, and without these goals there would be no motivation for life. Artists wouldnt want to be artists, scientists wouldnt care about science, and people wouldnt care about themselves. I also think we need certain virtues in order to succeed in fulfilling the goals set forth by the will to power. Patience, modesty, charity and compassion are some of the virtues that Nietzsche believes to be “sour grapes”. The moral that I think is sour is people who are not independent, look at others to follow, and that lack self respect. I believe that virtues such as personal power, strength, courage, pride, independence, and compassion, makes a person complete. However, this is reality and in reality you can have these virtues and at the same time stray from what you believe in. I think the key to life is to find who you are and to be happy. In todays society, it seems there are too many people who do not know who they are. People tend to follow the group, dress how everyone else dresses and listen to the same music everyone else listens too. This to me is “weak”. The real root to power is within yourself.

Life isnt as cut and dry as Nietzsche suggests. Life is too complex and the mind is a mysterious thing. Although the qualities and virtues talked about are ideal, I wish it was that simple to

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