Marijuana Case
What are the average persons view on marijuana? What affects peoples decisions on whether or not people agree with the use of marijuana? Should it be legalized? These are the questions that need to be answered. Some people say no and some people say yes. There are those that say that marijuana is a terrible, addictive, gateway drug that has no use other than to get high. Then there are those who actually study the effects of the plant over a short and long term that cover all aspects of its use. The topic of marijuana use covers a variety of sections that may be controversial to some. This writer believes that marijuana is not as bad as some say and that legalization is the best choice. The economical, political, scientifical, and cultural advantage of legalizing marijuana too great to ignore.

The first topic that will be discussed is the economical approach to the legalization of marijuana. To start things off there are many names for marijuana that might be included in this paper such as weed, cannabis, marijuana, or just simply plant. From a technological standpoint, weeds scientifical name is Tetrahydrocannabinol or (THC). Okay now that that is out there, we can begin on why cannabis should be legalized. The economical view on the taxation of the plant is a topic that brings joy to the Americans ear. America is in all kinds of problems with debt and as our great country looks for answers, some have found solutions. One of them is marijuana. We have always been the greatest agricicultural country and we always will be. In the eyes of many, weed is just like any other plant. It needs seeds, it uses soil, water, and nutrients to fully grow. It is not just selling the plant that will give our economy some help. Growing this plant will produce jobs that will stimulate the economy as well as businesses that will start and expand to produce more and more labor to the unemployed. From an economical view, marijuana looks very promising. Then again, there are those out there that believe that the plant costs too much too consume and is a seasonal plant. Those people have never heard of fluorescent lights and as for the money making side, we look at this quote from “The Christian Science Monitor” which how “Backers of the November ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in California are selling the idea based on economics: The state is in dire financial straits; taxing and regulating the drug – much like alcohol – could raise $1.4 billion for state coffers”. That estimate comes from the California Board of Equalization , which administers the states sales taxes. This writer would just like to point out that statistic is only about California and there are forty-nine other states. This statistic shows that legalizing marijuana has a substantial economic impact on Californias income.

Another reason why cannabis should be legalized is due to the fact that

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