How to Find a Stalker
Essay Preview: How to Find a Stalker
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As I look thtrough the paper i see many claims that people are being stalked and I wonder how nobody knows who the preson is doing it. I looked into some reasearch and foind out that many stalkers have mental disorders and are usually very sick at the time f stalking or they are sexual predators. I looked up how many people report stalkings and arapes and then looked for sexual predators online and found out that many sexual predators admitted to stalking them before the initial rape. A study at Harvard University concluded that stalkers use many tools and devices to stalk their victoms from Wireless trackers they put on cars to hacking their cellphones. Yes, this is very scary for some but others they dont care. stalkers usually know the person or will become introduced to them. stalkers can come from dating sites and various other online sites that are widely used today. Most stalkers use a second hand person, someone they can get to o the kidnapping. Many will find a reletive or a friend that they know wont snitch on them if aomething were to go wrong. many stalkers kill their victoms for the pleasure of it and they dont care to brutually harm them. in many cases stalkers with kill their victoms slowly and painfully.

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