To Kill A Mockingbird
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In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there was tolerance and intolerance from the people of Maycomb County towards different races. Harper Lee shows us the type of intolerance in the novel. She also shows us signs of hope in the plot and characterization.

There were types of intolerance in the novel that were clearly stated. For an example, there was intolerance between the white and black people. The main quarrel that stands out in my mind is between Mr. Ewell and Tom Robinsons family. Mr. Ewell clearly did not like the black people. This is proven in what he did to Tom. He accused Tom of raping and beating his daughter, Mayella Ewell, when it was actually he. In addition, after they had the trial, Mr. Ewell killed Tom Robinson. He was also hateful towards Toms wife; threatening her that she had better not walk in front of his house or he would kill her. Another issue of intolerance was towards the Finch family. No one liked them or cared for them in the town because

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Many cases of intolerance can be proven in the novel. People judged him that way because he always carried around a bottle in a paper sack, he was married to a black woman, and he mingled with the blacks. She was there to stay, and nothing would change that. The only people that talked to them were their close neighbors. They knew that Tom was innocent, and Atticus had proven it clear as day for the jury. He held his head high and never got into an argument with people who called him names for defending a black man. They could see that, but they knew she was just as good a person as any of them. In addition, Bob Ewell threatens time and time again that he will get Atticus Finch if it is the last thing he does.

In this novel, there were signs of hope in the plot and characterization that people and things would change for the better. Therefore, he sat in jail waiting for a higher court to announce his sentence. In addition,

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