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For many years discrimination has been a big issue throughout the world. Particularly, in the history of America where people of ethnic backgrounds faced many racial slurs from people who didnt understand their culture. Some people tend to think of the stereotypes of different cultures and use it against all people of that ethnicity. They label them as all the same when they really do not know that not one person is identical to another, regardless of their race. The pride of a person seems to cause more trouble when the person is oblivious to the fact that in actuality, we are all the same.

When someone doesnt understand ones culture, they tend to think negatively on it. A reason can be ethnocentric beliefs that one culture is better than the rest. For example, in the movie Crash, it portrayed a white American to think that their race is superior to others, typically the minorities. Also, people have a tendency to feed into stereotypes. Not only would that make you look bad but it can also offend the person. The problem is also associated with the media. Television not only makes stereotypes known to everyone but it also creates new ones. Another example is the 9/11 incident. Many Americans thought negatively on all people who maybe looked or appeared to be Arab. Yet, if someone wasnt, they were all labeled as the same, terrorist. You cant always believe if one person was a threat to society, then the whole race is.

Even when people dont understand someones culture they still might not take the time to attempt to. People dont listen to each other because they dont want to. They are afraid of diversity and change. Its as if its not like theirs, than it shouldnt be known. Because of television, everyone thinks they know what someone is about because they are the same culture. This eventually leads into the stereotypes of many races. Also with gender. Usually, when a woman is scorned by love they believe that all men are the same, and vice versa. Sometimes people can be ignorant to believe that one persons actions speak for the demeanor of a whole race or gender.

In reality, people arent so much different from each other. Some differences between people are obvious. People are different in appearance and culture. Because of different races people inherit various qualities that marker them into ones background. However,

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