Judgment Can Be the End
This I Believe, when you look at somebody and your mind begins to wonder things, but in reality that person might not be how you pictured them. People judge others by the way they look at you, that can mean you dont like what somebody has on or you just dont like something about them. We all tend to judge people by their appearances, even though looks can be deceiving. “Have you been judged somebody incorrectly based on their appearance or have you ever been prejudged by somebody?”

People dont realize that this happens every day. Thats why the world is so messed up now and we have so many wars because nobody gets along and we arent all the same. People get bullied by their religions, ethnicity, and others. Its not always the ones who are the loudest that do this; its mainly the ones that are quiet and shy. We are always thinking that the loud ones and the ones in trouble are doing it all, but in reality its not them. Some people think that judging is a whole different thing. Somebody looks at you and its different, and you start dogging them out because you think they are judging you wrong.

Have you had this happen to you? Say you were still in school and this new girl came to your school, shes quiet, and doesnt have any friends. So you go up to her and talk to her and soon you found out that she is in your class right before lunch. So you ask her to sit with you during lunch because she eats alone. Your getting closer to her as the days go by and people are mad at her already and begin to come up to you saying, “why do you hang out with her, shes so weird.” All that you can think of is I dont care what others say because its my choice. Right there is a type of judging that is most common in the United States.

People always deceive others for what they really arent because certain people dont pay attention to the good side or

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