The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age
List and describe at least three (3) technologies that allow an individual to research citizens private data.
There are a number of technologies on the internet, which allow any individual to research a citizens private data. Some of the sites you have to pay for the information and others are free. I found the following three People Finders, Facebook, and LinkedIn to name a few.

People Finders is a name of an internet site that provides citizens private data. People Finders is an internet site that allows you to enter in a persons name and perform a search. Once the search has completed you are able to view a number of people with the same name. In this site you can select a persons name, pay a fee, then you can access more information about the person you selected. You are given their name, addresses over the past years (and states), age, relatives, and other information.

Another internet site that provides a citizens private data is Facebook. Facebook is an online social internet site that started in February 2004. This site gathers information about the user with different free and paid for applications. Companies use these applications to market their products by advertisements to the user. People use this site to find friends from the past along with new friends. If you select a person you can ‘friend them. If the person you ‘friended accepts your invitation, you can see their pictures, where they work, among other personal and professional information.

An additional technology internet site that provides a citizens private and professional data is LinkedIn. LinkedIn assist people to connect with other people within the same business or working field. If you have an interview with a company, you can look up the people that work at the company. You are then able to access background information on them as they usually have their resumes posted on this site. Often you are able to find someone that you previously worked with at the company you are going to interview. You are able to get additional insight about the company and the person with whom you are going to interview.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of public access to this information, both for the researchers and those who are being “investigated”.
There are a number of advantages for public access. There is an abundance of information online and you are able to retrieve it quickly. You are able to research multiple companies if you are looking for something specific. The public access gives the researcher the ability to save time and money. People no longer have to drive around looking for different items to purchase or stand in lines paying bills. Anyone is able to research other people to perform background checks without hiring a private detective. People can reconnect and communicate with friends from the past. The internet allows

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