Ethics of Technology
Essay title: Ethics of Technology
Computers are now dominating our current world. we are getting more and more More and more people everyday are given access to using them, and it is crucial to understand that computers are not knowledge should not be abused in any way.

First things first,let me tell you the difference between hacking and cracking. Most people overuse the term hacking, and think it as breaking into someone elses computer, stealing control, etc. That is not hacking , that is CRACKING. Hacking is is merely understanding computers; a hacker is someone who wants to find gain knowledge of computers. Crackers are people who abuse their computer knowledge and to gain others private information, such as credit cards numbers, passwords, etc.

This essay mainly focuses on the ethics of the fact that one should not crack anothers computer. Knowing how to do something and actually doing it are two completely different things. I know I can run over people with cars, but do I do it? NO! Stealing information is the same concept. Moral ethics prevent us from doing something stupid like that.

But why do humans do it? This may be a slight exaggeration, but if you think about it: its all about power. The more power one person

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