It’S More Than Just A Game
Essay Preview: It’S More Than Just A Game
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When you think of football games you think of football players running up and down the one hundred yard field. Fans chanting and clapping vigorously. The sounds of music coming from the band that makes people dance and feel good. You think of cheerleaders entertaining the crowd with dances and cheers which makes everyone get off their feet. Then there is the highly anticipated half time show that everyone cannot wait to see. Football games have so much more action then just the actual game.

As you approach the gates of the Armstrong Stadium you can hear the chants and screams of the fans attending the game. The noises get you all hyped and your adrenaline running. People hang out side the gate sitting on the old brick wall of the stadium with their friends. They are out there because they do not want to miss the action, but are too cheap to buy a ticket to go inside. Parents and others who are non-Hampton students stand in the short line to buy tickets at the ticket counter. Then they must go to one gate to show the ticket in order to get inside. However, Hampton students must enter through a certain gate marked “students only”, where they gladly show their identification cards to security get into the game for free.

As you make your way through the gate there are small groups of mostly students standing and talking to one another not really paying attention to the game. The stadium is quite large, and filled with people. The stadium is outrageously loud. You see students jumping around with blue and white pom-poms in their hands waving it every time a play is good. There are alumni that look excited to be back at Hampton, and small children that have a confused look in their eyes. As you look across the field you can make out tiny objects moving around, or in other words the opposing team’s side, though their side does not have a crowd as large as Hampton.

Trying to find a seat at the game is a challenge in itself. You have to scurry to grab a seat so you can get involved in the game. You can either sit by the band, which is said to be the hype section, and for those who want to dance; or you can get a seat away from the band on the far left side or the far right side where you find people concentrating solely on the game. It hard can be challenging to find a seat because many people save seats for their friends or family members. The seats are blue wooden benches that are not very comfortable; therefore many people bring soft seat cushions. The stadium has a top level in which many people sit to get a higher view of the game. The selection of your seat depends on how involved you want to be.

Once you squeeze in and find an available seat the fun begins. People look really excited and happy to be there with huge smiles on their faces. People are nice and willing to talk even if they do not know you. Conversations come in all directions; whether it is from people on cell phones or groups of people just conversing with one another. People are dressed in Hampton t-shirts and jerseys, or just wearing blue and white to show school spirit. Then there are others that are dressed up with heels and new outfits. Girls have freshly done hair and most guys are wearing hats. There is a section by the band were a group of students sit, and help to get the crowd pumped up. By third quarter the sounds of people from each class begin to chant their class names and sing their class songs. From that section all over the stadium students are yelling and throwing their hands up to show their spirit and represent their classes.

The football field is wide and large with freshly cut green grass. The words “Hampton” are painted in white on the grass. There is a humungous score board that has special features, because it is able to show replays and display pictures. The football players are large chunky guys dressed in blue and white football uniforms and wearing blue helmets. The players on the field look focus and concentrated on the game. The players that are not playing at the moment are lined up on the sidelines, and supporting those playing. On the opposing side their players are lined up on the sideline as well. On Hampton side there is an exercise bike, in which many players use throughout the course of the game. Other people are not allowed on the field, and there is a security person standing by the gate that leads to the field to make sure no unauthorized person seeps unto the field.

Many people, especially the students would say the performances by the band

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