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After I read the odyssey, I noticed that even though Penelope wasnt mentioned a lot in the story she actually plays a very big role in the story. Penelope is first said to be honest and faithful, but Odysseus describes her as beautiful and trustworthy. I think that she was mostly described as a beautiful rich woman that Odysseus trusted with all of his heart. Penelope also trusted him the same way.

Odysseus went away to fight in the Trojan War and did not come home for twenty years. Before Odysseus left he made Penelope promise that if he did not return home before their son Telemachas became a man (grew a mustache) then she was to remarry a suitor. Penelope did not want to have to remarry and prayed everyday that Odysseus would come home.

After 20 years Odysseus came home and a man disguised him as an old beggar and sent him to take back his home and his wife. Odysseus and Telemachas fought the suitors that were trying to take over his land and wife. Of course Odysseus won because he is the hero of the story.

When Penelope actually sees Odysseus she does not believe that it is actually him and tests him to make sure that it is the real Odysseus. And of course it is. Odysseus describes her then as the most beautiful thing that he has seen on his trip and it overwhelmed to see her. I think that she was very faithful to Odysseus throughout the 20 years that he was gone.

Penelope I think was the most interesting character because she was laid back and trusted Odysseus and was faithful the whole time. Penelope was definitely honest and most certainly faithful through the whole thing.

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