Get Woman to Do Things
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throughout the day do you ever get sick of doing little pointless taks; would you like to find a way to make the day move faster and not bog you down with trivial work? Well have i got the solution for you. Women, with women you can accomplish

almost any task without breaking a sweat, not to mention there easy on the eyes so you have a nice view while the job is being accomplished. The steps are simple the hard part is walking the fine line between cute and sleezy.

Tecnique one the pencil pickup this is probably the easiest one to accomplish. For practice i personally recommend
purposaly dropping your pencil around many different girls. Sure your pencil is getting around but if it gets to dirty you can always buy another one. Once the pencil is dropped look down at it, and give a nice big sigh after that just look up as if nothing happened. 85% of the time the girl will either sympothize for you or will just be in sheer aww over your stupidity and pick up the pencil. If this doesnt work you may need to add in a little charm but not much. Simply look over at her back at the pencil bak at her and give her a nice flirtatios shit eating grin. After these

to steps I guarantee
you will have your pencil and more than like you willhave seen a girl bend over right in front of you.
tecnique two have you ever been siting down at lunch and think to yourself i need a soda well if you have this thought there

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