Self Assessment
Gathering evidence to form a perception can be a difficult task. People can misread signals and take things I say wrong just like with anyone else in the world. I thought it would be more meaningful and insightful if the peer reviews were done by people who know me. The people I asked to do the surveys are close to me. I know they gathered their perceptions over time by coming around me and interacting with me through conversations and actions. They got their information to gather a perception from how I am on a day to day basis and how I carry myself everyday in my life. One of the peer perceptions was done by a person that does not know me as well. This way I got a chance to review what was said to see if I am viewed equally across the board with those that do know me very personally and those who do not. I am confident in the way I present myself to others as a whole. I wanted to make sure I come across as the person I am inside.

I reviewed my face-to-face communication styles survey. It said that when it comes to dominance, I am neutral. I dont always have to be in control. My dramatic score revealed that I am for the most part neutral, but that I am a bit less dramatic. My contentious/ argumentative level showed that I am again neutral, but a bit less contentious. When it comes to my animated score it was flatat zero saying I sometimes use sustained eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures. My impression leaving score is neutral, but more than not. It also said that I am pretty relaxed and avoiding to nervousness. I am also attentive. My open level revealed that I am neutral. It said that I am friendly as well.

As I reviewed the peer perception worksheets I couldnt help but to smile. They were filled with nice perceptions on how much happiness I exude. For these reasons I was not surprised. I know I try to be in a great mood, and keep my face with a smile on it. I help others when they need it and I am on standby when they dont

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