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No matter what the subject at hand be there are people who are always going to look at things in there own way. But in my opinion when it comes to the Patriot act I see both sides I am neither for it nor against it. I understand that you have to have it for the safety of the people however it seems as though the act gets a little misused. I understand that the act is only for the protection of fellow citizens, but yet again in my opinion the government seems to use there powers a little too heavily. When you hear about people getting caught talking of terrorist acts it makes you start to wonder how many phone calls did they had to listen in on just to catch that one group not that it bothers me so much that someone is listening in on my conversation but how would they even start to think that I was a terrorist. How do they get there information? How dose the government begin to suspect me or any other innocent person of terrorist mastiff? It all seems to be a little to far fetched to me. But then you have to go and look at the other side to that story. What if the person they caught and got behind bars was planning on setting of a bomb or some other harmful device in your school or neborhood it could not even have effected you personally but what if it was your little brother or sister parents any family member. I am not sure about you but when you start to look at all the possibilities that could happen you start to become thankful of there nosiness. But then again another thought crosses my mind do they ever hear things that seem out of the ordinary that they just don’t do anything about? For example the US was aware of the Japanese coming to bomb Pearl Harbor and did nothing to prevent it yes they had reasoning behind it but that doesn’t matter American lives were lost not many people are aware that we knew about the attack coming. It was a terrorist act that we were

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