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When asked to perform a consultation on my patient Isabella in her work environment; I observed several different aspects of her personalities and behavioral traits. My patient showed how speaking to one person to another how much her demeanor could changed. Her communication at work was different from when she is at home. When Isabella is on the job her attentiveness is strong and her demeanor changes although she is stays high in spirit. She seems to be more focused and vibrant. When at home her demeanor is more laid back, fewer tasks at hand focused and relates to her family and friends on a much more personal level.

Isabella first spoke to a young man on the job. He was a tall gentleman but was years younger than her. Due to the age difference his personality was not as mature as hers. He seems to be care-free and flamboyant compared to her. His respect for other employees and customers was not at the level she felt as though it should be. He is very outspoken and loud. When he speaks his voice carries throughout the mall area. When she speaks to him, I can tell she has to speak louder to get his attention. Her personality shows through and they act polite around one another. When they start to communicate there is no difference between in their attitudes. They seem to meet each other on a level of intelligence. I believe that in order to fit in more with this employee is to speak more with him. Just because you work together does not mean that you cant communicate more with them. Isabella should speak to him about how she feels with his outspokenness and see if he even realizes what he is doing. She should also ease up a bit and become more relaxed with her co workers. Some people do not realize that they are being a bit loud and just need to be told.

When Isabellas boss showed up to work, her whole demeanor changed she became a lot tenser and she was not as easy going and talkative. She became quiet and more focused on the tasks at hand. When he started to communicate with the she gave him one worded answers and was very uncomfortable speaking to him. Due to the fact that his culture was different and he was unable to speak clear English I believe that this was the cause of her demeanor change. She may have avoidant personality with him. ( Avoidant personality is a pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy and hypersensitivity to negative evaluation or criticism.)(Miller,2003) Isabellas personality though it may be strong she seems a bit uncomfortable when interacting with different cultures. I believe that could be caused by her lack of self confidence and her feelings that she may say or do something to offend them. Isabella should realize that the boss is not there to look over her shoulder per say and he is not there to fire her just because. She needs to learn the managers position and I believe that she would feel more comfortable with him. As for the language barrier she needs to talk with him more often. She will learn the way he says certain words and will be able to tell what he is trying to say. Then there will not be such a language barrier. The more time you spend with a person the more you get to know how they speak and can depict what they are trying to say. The Manager himself may even notice the barrier or that the employee is not at ease or comfortable speaking to them. Things that could help this situation would include more one on one scenario at work or even an office mixer, such as lunch out with the employees or an office party, non alcoholic of course. This would help the supervisor and employees relate to one another better. Sometimes realizing that your supervisor is not only a supervisor but a person as well helps the employee relate better and takes the pedestal that an employee may put them on away.

There is another co worker that works there and Isabella seems to stay away from. She is an older woman who is set in her ways. Isabellas personality is completely different than hers. Then I notice that not much interaction happens between

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