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Examples on How Media Can Influence Opinions on Healthcare Reform
Essay Preview: Examples on How Media Can Influence Opinions on Healthcare Reform
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Lakesha EdwardsgIntroduction to Nursing CareThere were many personal factors that influenced my decision to further my education in the field of health care from being an LPN to RN.My journey begin when I started here at Jersey College of Nursing in the LPN program in which I knew From that moment on with all support and dedication I had within school and at home pushed me Further. My patient care duties as an LPN contributed greatly to my decision in furthering my career in The nursing field. By working under the directions of the RN and the Physicians I made a huge Contribution by following up with labs and adhering to and following directions of the Doctors orders And performing wound care such as changing dressings and applying ice packs. I also provided basic Bedside care to the patient such as taking vital signs, blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate And noticing changes in the patient by reporting all changes promptly to the Doctor all enabled me to Acknowledge the valuable work that nurses do in providing the best quality care to all patients.Furthermore I believe that I would contribute to the nursing profession after completion of my Education. I am confident that I will gain practical skills that are capable of meeting the needs of the Health care system. Accordingly the demand for nurses is currently increasing thus I will be able to Contribute towards delivering a patient centered care. I am sure the nursing knowledge and skills Learned in school will enable me to improve the patient outcomes and ultimately lead to a higher Satisfaction level of patient outcomes.

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