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Dear Mother
Much has happened in the time we have been apart, so many years have passed, and many things have happened minor and major. I write this in the hope that you are still pout there somewhere, alive and well, I write this letter partly and selfishly for myself, out of grief and guilt for what has happened and the time that has passed, and out of fear that I will never see you again, I fear you may no longer be alive, it becomes more likely with every passing day, but where others have given up, I try to remain at least a little bit hopeful.

I still wake at night to nightmares reliving that fateful day, where you were taken from us by those animals that call themselves men, it replays in my head time after time, to the point of guilt and sorrow, sometimes I think it shouldve been me, because deep down I know that you saved my life that day, and what guilts me even more is I know that I can never, ever repay you or show you my gratitude for what you did for me that day.

I regret that you could not see me come to this new country with us, or watch us grow up and be there for us when we needed you most, Im stubborn enough to act like Im ok and be strong for the others, but im not sure for how long I can keep this false pretence up for. Its so hard not to mourn for losing the most important figure in my life, my mother.

Through this letter I think I can be at peace and say my final goodbye to you and try to move on with life, but always remember you fondly as the mother you were, strong and brave in a world that demanded it.

The kindest regards,
Your dear Daughter,

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