Messes characteristics are the opposite of difficulties. They are not clear with more implications
Behind it thats why people need to be aware and accept that they could face problems any time and they should be ready and skilled to prevent it from effecting on them. But there could be some complexity in verifying these situations depending on different perspectives and involvement of the people has in this situation

The 4th one is “the Fixation on events ” Change in organizations require a lot of preparations and skillful people who is using system thinking to analyze the relation between interconnected parts of the system not by looking at each part alone and helps the leaders to see the relation between parts that create the events. System thinking is “a group of interacting element forming a complex whole “(George Ambler – 2006) there are two main ways of thinking. One is Logical thinking which links ideas or statements together. The other is Causal thinking which is linking events or activities together; the second one is helpful when dealing

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