Twelve Angry Men Film Review
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This film was made in 1957 and is in black and white. Its genre is drama and was written by Reginald Rose, produced by Henry Fonda and directed by Sidney Lumet. It was nominated for 3 Oscars, had another 12 wins for various aspects and received another 6 nominations. There are 12 main actors who are all part of a jury and they are:

Martin Balsam
John Fiedler
Lee J Cobb
EG Marshall
Jack Klugman
Edward Binns
Jack Warden
Henry Fonda
Joseph Sweeney
Ed Begley
George Voskovec
Robert Webber
This film is about a boy who is on the final day of his trial for killing his father in the heat of the moment during an argument between the two. Twelve jury members are forced to make a verdict on whether the Puerto Rican boy, John Saroca is guilty or not with one basic rule of justice that the defendant must be found innocent unless proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The case appears to be open and shut as the boy has a weak alibi and several witnesses either saw the killing or him fleeing the scene. If found guilty he is given a one way ticket to the electric chair. After the jury decide to quickly end the discussion and raise their hands to find out who thinks the boy is guilty, only one jury man, Henry Fonda doesn’t put up his hand. From here on doubts, trial and character revelations and deliberations unfold and follow.

There is a wide range of complex and intriguing personalities among the jury which range from wise, bright and arrogant, prejudiced and merciless. There is also a presence of preconceptions

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