Parents Today Are Much More Involved in Their Childrens Education
Essay Preview: Parents Today Are Much More Involved in Their Childrens Education
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In the past, children had more freedom than the children now because parents had more children to raise than the past, and they didn’t have a lot of money to spend. Parents today are much more involved in their children’s education as the competition for better schools is growing, and they have access to modern technology.

One of the main reasons why parents today are more focused on their children’s education is because more students are vying to attend the top universities in the world. Compares to the past, more students are competing for the same seats of the numbers of top universities in the world. So, each student needs to work even harder and achieve higher scores. This tough competition means that parents are more aware of and concerned with ways to help their children succeed in their educational goals. In China, students should take a test called ‘Gaokao’ to go to universities. Each year, there are millions of students taking this test. So, they need to compete for the limited seats of top universities, and each student needs to be much more excellent than others to be able to access the best education and acquire a better job. Students that have low grades can only go to normal vocational schools, and they will not find good jobs. That’s why parents in China now pay much more attention to their children’s education.

It is obvious that parents have become much more knowledgeable and have a deeper understanding of education. Now China has higher literacy level, so education enjoys a higher position in today’s society. Currently, parents have skills to assist children’s learning process and are capable to help their children to improve their studies. Also, with the advance of modern technology, parents are able to monitor the status of their children at school more conveniently than before. Most of the classes established online chatting groups for parent-school communications. Every week parents can take a look at the performance of their children at school by viewing the comments and test scores from their children’s teachers. That means parents are more focused on the education of their children because of the convenience of technology.

In this modern society, parents have to be more involved in the education of their children for their futures, and new technology has helped the students to elevate their levels of education.

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