Fortune Favours the Brave
Once the seagull was standing alone on a rock by the sea. His brothers and sister had already flown but he did not have the courage to fly with them. His parents tried to persuade him to fly but he could not leave the rock because of fear.

All day long the parents of the seagull flew about catching small fish and rebuking him for his cowardice. Twenty four hours passed but they did not come near him. He saw his parents, brothers and sister diving for food. He was very hungry but he could not trust his small wings to support him. He walked to the edge of the rock. he closed his eyes one after another to his parents that he was sleeping. But his parents did not pay any attention to him.

In order to compel the young seagull to fly over to them, the mother took a piece of fish and tore it with her beak. This sight increases the appetite of the young seagull. He begin to cackle to turn her attention towards him. Listening to his cries, the mother took the piece of fish in her beak and flew towards him. When she reached near him, she suddenly halted in the air. He dived at the piece of fish in his mothers beak but she swooped upwards. He lost his balance and fell downwards into the space. He felt afraid because he could see a vast green sea below. In order to save his life, he began to fly. Thus the young seagull made his first flight.

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