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Topic 2 – Evolution VS Creation
Introduction to Anthropology
There is a fundamental argument between the evolutionist and the creationist concerning our origin. In examining the evolutionist perspective the discovery of primitive human like fossils in various layers of the earth offer the most compelling evidence to support evolution. Evolutionists such as Darwin believe that all living things came to existence by a single molecule through natural selection. Did we derive from a single molecule which has biologically evolved, or did life as we know it begin with Adam and Eve?

By collecting, tying together of facts and applying scientific knowledge of fossil records, anthropologists and scientists alike have derived at such conclusions of the evolution and adaptation of man. According to, evolution is based on facts which are tied to general principles that explain observable and recorded aspects of the world. By studying fossil records we have a good picture of the evolution of man and the progression of certain features which have evolved through the years. The discovery of fossils, however, has challenged many in their fundamental religious beliefs.

Evolution is on going. On a biological level, evolution occurs on a daily basis. As a nurse I am aware of how microorganisms mutate, reproduce and pass along characteristics to survive in their environment. They outwit, adapt and produce genetic change over generations in order to increase their survival rate. This evolution of new organisms, however, poses a challenge for the development of new antibiotics that are not resistant to certain microorganisms. This supports Darwins theory of natural selection.

Creationists believe that all living things were designed and created by God. The Book of genesis, written by Moses and thought to have been inspired by God, describes the creation of the earth and of Adam and Eve. According to Christians, this is the only tangible evidence to base their faith in proving our existence.

A creationist may argue that the science of evolution cannot prove nor disprove the existence of a Supreme Being. Science does not take into consideration the existence of a spiritual dimension, as this cannot be measured or observed by science with facts to support belief or faith. Also, paranormal activity, sightings, other spiritual phenomena and unexplained events, which many claim to experience or observe are plausible. Science dismisses this as “quackery”. Creationists argue that the statistical probability of our existence without an intelligent design is nearly impossible. This leads to the support of an intelligent Supreme Being. Thus,

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