Cnb Case Study
BackgroundOn February, 24th, 1997, Pam Stewart a customer service representative working at the Chatham branch requested to have Thursday evenings off so she could take an accounting course. Lesley Mahon the Customer Service Manager denied her request because there is no other employee that are cross-trained in the same special areas as Pam, so there is nobody that she could substitute for her. Also before Lesley’s arrival the branch implemented a centralized CSCM schedule from head office, which is supposed to stay in effect until September of 1997.  Lesley suggested to Pam that she “either wait until next September or until the accounting course is offered at another time”. Lesley Mahon was just informed by Robert Aronson (Area Manager) that Pam had a confidential counselling meeting with him and said “that she felt harassed by you because of her emotional problems and that you were intentionally blocking her development”. She also told him that she had launched an official complaint with the NCEC (National Committee for Employee Concerns). Lesley needs to decide what action needs to be taken if any.Sub issuesLegitimate power part must stay, that’s some of the theoryPam has no respect for legitimate power, she refuses to follow direction, and does not adhere to her job description. Pam is exhibiting a pattern of insubordination. Pam demonstrated this in the initial meeting when she told Lesley “you will not change anything about my job” and by refusing to make referrals. In Pam’s performance reviews she has received all above average performance reviews without making any referrals, though these referrals make up 35% of the grade. There needs to be a bigger emphasis on cross-training employees.ConstraintsPam’s past performance reviews have all been above average.The information that Robert Aronson gave Lesley in their telephone call about his meeting with Pam was given in confidence.Critical IncidentsPam threatened Lesley in their introductory meeting, saying “We have gotten rid of the other managers before, and we will also get rid of you”.Lesley asks Pam about her referral sheet, Pam tells her that she doesn’t make referrals and that she isn’t going to start now.Pam requests to go back to customer service representative (CSR) fulltime instead of rotating with Sarah between CSR and utility clerk. Lesley meets with Pam and they agree that Pam and Sarah will work it out between themselves, and then bring the proposal back to Lesley.On November 11th Pam goes on stress leave, she returns December 9th.Pam requests Thursday evenings off so that she can take an accounting course, Pam tells Lesley that no other employee has the training to work that shift. Lesley suggests that she wait until September and Pam agrees.Two days later on February 26th Lesley has a phone conversation with the Area Manager, she learns that Pam has launched an official complaint with the National Committee for Employee Concerns claiming she feels “harassed by you because of her emotional problems and that you were intentionally blocking her development”.Experience/ExpectationsLesley’s expectations of Pam are that she Alternate DecisionsCourse of ActionProsConsResignAvoid the stress of an internal investigationShe will no longer have her jobIt would appear she had been harassing PamIt would demonstrate that she wasn’t management material because she is “running” from her first big problemGive Pam Thursday evenings off, train Sarah in the other areas needed.Lesley is no longer blocking Pam’s development The branch will be less dependent on one person because there will be two people cross-trained in multiple different areasThere are still other issues that need to be addressedYou need to change the schedule

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