To curb the problem of smuggling, Pakistan Tea Association and major tea blenders, Unilever, Tapal and Tetley, are demanding that government should abolish all duties and taxes levied on tea imports.

competition to the branded tea as they sell tea at cheap prices. Also, majority of these sellers buy smuggled tea, saving them the costs of buying imported tea. As a result of this cost saving they manage to sell loose tea are very low prices compared to the branded tea and thus are able to capture a large portion of the price sensitive Pakistani market

They say where there is a market there are opportunities, and where there are opportunities there is competition giving rise to threats in the industry. So its all part of the package. Just like any other industry, the tea industry of Pakistan has its own share of threats and opportunities as discussed in this chapter.

Pakistan is a leading tea consumer in the world. In fact, the consumption of tea is so widespread in Pakistan that it is the third largest tea importer in the world after Russia and the UK and consumes about 155 million kg of tea every year

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