Carnial Nerves
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There is 12 pair of cranial nerves:
Auditory vestibulochlear
Spinal accessory
The cranial nerve are of three varieties, sensory, motor, and mix. The sensory nerve has fibers
That carries sensation such as taste, smell. The motor nerves are nerve that carries activating impulse to
the muscles and organs, causing them to function. Mixed nerves have both sensory and motor. The cranial
nerve are number from front to back.
Olfactory is a mall triangular area in the front of the anterior perforated substance. The olfactory
nerve is made up of axons from the olfactory receptors in the nasal sensory epithelium. It transport
olfactory information sense and smell to the olfactory bulb of the brain. This nerve has access to the
cerebral cortex, but does not pass through the thalamus like other cranial nerves.
Optic nerve is made up of axons of ganglion cells in the eye, it transport visual information to the
brain. This nerve travels posteromedially from the eye leavening from the orbit at the opic canal in the
lesser wing of the sphenoid bone. The optic nerve come together in the middle of the cranial fossa to
make up the optic chiasm.
Oculomotor nerve is made up of motor axons coming from the oculomotor. It is a pure motor
nerve. It supplies somatic motor innervations to four of the extrinsic eye muscles it also supplies the
upper eyelid and the papillary eye muscles
The trochlear supplies the somatic motor innervations to the superior oblique eye muscle.
Trochlear nerve come from the trochlear nucleus found in the tegmentum of the midbrain. it exit the
posterior side of the brainstem.
Trigeminal nerve is the largest cranial nerve. It supplies the sensory information for the face ,

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