Absorption Process
[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3][pic 4][pic 5][pic 6]Contents1.        Introduction        22.        Background theory        22.1 Absorption        22.2 Absorption Equipment        32.3 Tower packing        32.4 Tower fluid mechanics        43.        Design Considerations        44.        Chemical Engineering Design        54.1 Mass balance        54.2 Packed Column Diameter        74.3 Operating Line        84.4 Packed Column Height        84.5        Mass transfer        105.        Mechanical design        125.1 Absorption column        125.2 Support plates        135.3 Hold down Plates        145.4 Liquid Distributors and Redistributors        156.        Process Control        167.        Safety Considerations        18Introduction[pic 7]As proposed in part one of the report ethanol and carbon dioxide coming out from the fermenter is going to the absorption column for the maximum recovery of ethanol. They both are in the vapour phase and a homogenous separation is needed to be carried out. For the recovery of ethanol a packed tower absorption column is installed which will absorb the carbon dioxide introduced from the bottom of the column with the help of the solvent water introduced from the top (counter current). A compressor is also needed which compress the carbon dioxide coming from the column so that it can be sold to the chemical industries.Background theory[pic 8]In this section some brief background theory is described about the packed column absorption and how it works.2.1 AbsorptionAbsorption is a process by which a gas mixture is contacted with a liquid solvent that preferentially dissolves one or more components of the gas. It is generally used for separating low molecular weight materials and often requires an extraneous material (liquid solvent).Absorption is based on Henry’s law:Pi= Hi xiWhere, pi = partial pressure of component i                                                                                     Hi = Henry’s law constant (determined experimentally)                                                                           xi= mole fraction of component i in the liquid phase

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