Hinton 6 Taylor FrankMrs. Hinton ENGL 091Narrative Essay 8:30-9:45 TTR22 September 2015        If I would win a trip, to go anywhere in the world, It would be Hawaii. I would choose Hawaii because I love the ocean, the food, the music and Hawaiian dancers. Hawaii culture is just so welcoming that it is so hard to leave.                First of all, the most fascinating part of Hawaii is the Pacific Ocean, the big body of water that surrounds the island. There you will find lots of people hanging out, on shore talking, drinking, and working on their tan. The Pacific Ocean is just so beautiful, and an awesome place to hang out and relax. The best time to go lay in sand is early in the morning where it will be just you there listing to the birds singing among another, and here the water hitting the shore. The Pacific Ocean is just one part of Hawaii that just make you fall in love with this beautiful island.        The next big thing that will blow your mind is the food. My personal favorite is the Shrimp Crab Lobster Platter. It comes with crispy butter fried shrimp, mouthwatering crab legs, and an awesome stuffed lobster tail. You can also order any dip of your choice. I will also advise you to eat the Hawaiian fruit cake. The Hawaiian fruit cake is made up of red and green pineapples and cherries, which give it the rainbow color. There also a rich coconut taste, and a variety of nuts and whip cream icing to top it off. The food in Hawaii is just amazing, it will have your taste buds spinning for joy.

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