Personal Values Development
Essay title: Personal Values Development
Personal Values Development
Personal Values Development
In this paper I will be discussing my own personal ethics and values. Although values and ethics start being imposed to one at an early age the previously mentioned tend to change to accommodate the situation and the circumstances that one is being presented with.

After careful thought it is my belief that ethics influence our values in many ways. The reason for this is because ones values are usually established at a young age and are usually enforced as one grows older. Ethics in the other hand they tend to change depending in the environment that one is exposed at the moment and maybe law of the land.

Personally speaking about my values, it is my believe that my values where set by my parents, family and teachers. Unfortunately my values and ethics where not always set to the high standards that I hold now. Ethics in the other hand I believe are different. Ethics can vary since they are established by the expectations of friends, family, or the company one works for. Personally like mentioned before there was a point in my life where my ethics and values where not the same to the ones I have now.

The following is a personal example of how my ethics and values at one
Point in my life almost if not hit rock bottom. While I was in high school in
1994 I started fraternizing with the wrong crowd in school. While everyone
Said that they where bad I never admitted it. I used to hag around with them
and was amazed on how they all always had money and drove a nice car.
To one’s surprise I later found out that they were dealing drugs on campus
to me at that point it seemed like it was good easy money. If they did it hey
I could do it too. Unfortunately yet fortunately one day I was caught and
charged. Once I was put through the process, I realized many things, I had
done where not worth the whole trouble I had gotten in to. I needed
to change my ways. Once I was released I went back home and did put all my
thoughts and actions in to perspective. So I changed my friends got to be closer to my family and started attending some church groups. (Rick 2008)
So after much needed guidance and support from family new friends and church member one changed a; values and ethics once again. This time it was for the better and leaving everything else behind.

How does my new set of values impact my work environment? My work environment is impacted greatly because I have at my hands more

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