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Life Is Good
Essay Preview: Life Is Good
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Aleks Gnjato        Are we all kids?        Every person in this world goes through different stages of growing up to a man/women. Each individual has its own mentor, person who he/she looks up to. These peers are the influencers of our behavior and because of them we become who we are. There is modern or traditional way of teaching your kids how to behave in certain circles of life. Now every parent has its own way of nurturing, some of them are good or bad. This depends on their own knowledge and experience that they had in the ages where they were growing up. This knowledge is passed from generations to generations and the pressure or responsibility is on a parent to implement that knowledge in the most suitable way to his own kids. Kids however have different reactions to this methods. For example if a parent has more easier and relaxing approach to raising his son/daughter, the kids will see that and use it for in their favor. Perfect example is with new toys, where the parents will not buy a new toy. The kid starts to cry, scream and parents rebates and buys the toy. The opposite method would be more strict where the parents will show its authority over the kid. In this case if the kids starts crying or screaming he would be beaten up until he stops.

Many parents believe that they should provide all the things for their kids which leads to spoiling them. Spoiling is in one new a good thing but it has a lot of negative effects. The kid become so dependable on the parent that the final result of its behavior is not being too ready to grow up. Good thing for the parent is that they will not leave them for a long time :). From my own personal view I think that kids should be raised in a way that they are able to distinguish between NO or YES! Every gift that he/she deserved should be based on his behavior, and that behavior should be based on the effort put in from the parents to teach him how to behave. If a parent is aware that he is doing an excellent job in nurturing then he/she should be able to figure out when to treat their kids with gifts.

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