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My Body Is My Own Business
Students NameProfessors NameCourseDateMy Body is My Own BusinessContent AnalysisThe author is trying to discuss the misconception about the hijab. Many people do not understand the meaning of the hijab. Some view women who are wearing the garment as oppressed or radical Muslim terrorists. The author is trying to create awareness on the importance of the hijab to the Muslim society and why women wear it. The author says that she gets strange looks from people because of wearing a scarf that covers the head, neck, and throat. According to the author, the main reason for wearing a hijab is because she is a Muslim woman who believes her body is her private concern. The evidence is valid because the Muslim faith requires women to dress accordingly and to avoid exposing their body to the opposite gender.The intended audience is the young Muslim women because the author states that they are reclaiming the Hijab and interpreting it to give back to women ultimate control of their bodies. The author is also targeting the women who do not realize that showing they body will not lead to gender equality. She argues that the Koran emphasizes on gender equality and people should not be judged based on their beauty, gender privilege or wealth. The only thing that can be used to distinguish one individual from another is the character.There are logical misconceptions with the author’s argumentation when she claims she wears the hijab as a sign of freedom. The main reason as to why Muslim women wear the hijab is because their religion requires them to do so. Women are taught from a very early age that their worth is proportional to their attractiveness. Their faith compels them to cover their body and only show their face and hands. The author argues that wearing the hijab has given her freedom from always worrying about her physical appearance. According to her, the pressure of always trying to meet the impossible male standards is humiliating and tiring.Style AnalysisThe author has used sarcasm as an attention grabber in the first paragraph. She says that she wonders whether people view her as a radical terrorist who is carrying and AK-47 rifle or an oppressed woman. The attention grabber is effective because it leaves the audience wondering why the author would have such thoughts. The author has taken the point of view of a Muslim woman who is proud of her religion and wears the hijab out of her free will. She argues that she is a woman will all the advantages of a North American Upbringing and she covers herself with the hijab because it gives her freedom. She has the option to wear clothes like other women but she has chosen to embrace her Muslim faith and cover her body according to the requirements of her religion.

The point of view is effective because it shows the significance of the authors opinion on the subject matter. She argues that the notion of teaching women from early childhood that their worth is proportional to their attractiveness is not right. People should be judged based on their character, not on their physical appearance. Women waste a lot of time and resources trying to impress men. They feel compelled to pursue abstract notions of beauty without realizing that their efforts are futile.The author has used a general language to ensure the audience understands the points she is passing. The level is effective because it can be understood by everyone even those who are not Muslims. She has described the hijab and its relevance to the Muslim society, therefore, the audience can relate with the message being communicated. A formal or informal language would lead to many misunderstandings on the issue because people would interpret it differently.Form AnalysisThe ideas and examples are logically organized. The author starts the essay by introducing the audience to the hijab and why it is necessary for Muslim women to wear it. She discusses the various misconceptions on the issue mentions the position of the Koran on the issue. The author makes it clear that the Muslim faith requires women to wear the hijab to cover their face and prevent any sin with the opposite gender.

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