An Overview of Stranomondo Ltd.
An Overview of Stranomondo Ltd.
Stranomondo Ltd was founded in 1985 by the entrepreneurs Leandro Bisenzi and Duccio Cantini as an entertainment bureau specialized in Clubbing, Event Organization and Start-up. The scope of services offered by this Italian firm invests creative development, repositioning of image and start-up for all those companies who are looking for an unusual and innovative characterization. Stranomondo is primarily one of the biggest art and entertainment agents targeting the club, corporate and cultural scene in Europe. We may think of it as a sort of “factory” which continuously develops innovative format for the entertainment market . Nowadays, Stranomondo dominates the market thanks to two successful products:

The “Circo Nero” (“Nocturnal Circus”)
Circo Nero is a new concept for club that results in the creation of a special event. The concept is continuously modified in order to suit different locations and situations. As a real circus, the company travels around Italy and the rest of the world. A lot of Italian cities are the main stage of Circo Nero, but also international capitals such as Berlin, Moscow, Miami, and touristic places such as Ibiza and Rio de Janeiro. The mission of Stranomondo is to create a new form of expressiveness in the clubbing field thanks to a team of 70 people, including entertainers, performers, buskers and artists, along with make-up artists, hair stylists, designers and scenographers.

The Restaurant “L’è Maiala!” (“What a pig!” Florentine slang for, “What a tough situation!”)
A tiny tavern in the heart of Florence which became famous for being the first bartering restaurant in Italy. In practice, clients can make arrangements at the time of booking about what, how much and when bartering for one or more dinners. Among the goods accepted for this exchange, priority is given to agricultural products, but also to crafts, Do-It-Yourself and design objects. In addition, L’é Maiala! dominates the local restaurant market thanks to its weird reinterpretation of the traditional cousine as well as its generous portions and affordable prices.

Customer Network Related Strategies and Tactics
Hereafter, we will focus the analysis on Circo Nero since it represents the most successful product of Stranomondo and, moreover, because I have been directly involved in the organization of several events. Given the nature of the product, we can easily understand that management of customer networks is a crucial function of the success of the firm. Using the information I have collected over these years, I am going to explain the firm’s customer network strategies and tactics following the model presented by David Rogers in his book: “The Network is your customer:

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