Integration and Consolidation of Organizational Behavior (final Project)
Essay Preview: Integration and Consolidation of Organizational Behavior (final Project)
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Integration and Consolidation of Organizational Behavior (Final Project)
Colorado Technical University Online
May 24, 2012
Eileen Domerchie PhD, MBA, SPHR
Throughout this Course, we as students have been learning the Theories and Practices inherent in the Field of Organizational Behavior. Therefore, the purpose of this Individual Project is to integrate and consolidate the information learned through the instructions given in the Discussion Boards and the individual research conducted to show understanding of the material learned.

Integration and Consolidation of Organizational Behavior Draft
NOTE: Portions of this Individual Project will be copied from previous Individual Projects and Discussion Boards from this Course and Instructor. In addition, there will be a Quote that was used for my UNIV101 Course for Instructor Todd Kato, and my ENGL126 Course under the instruction of Craig Brewer. In an effort to maintain continuity, I have incorporated the Topic and questions for Week 5 within my overall Project.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for its not the same river and hes not the same man” (Heraclitus). Utilizing this quote and the lessons gleaned from the Week 4 Discussion Board for ENGL126-1201B-09, where we were asked to read an article by Joan Novelli, entitled “ATTENTION-GETTING BEGINNING (Novelli, 2000) I stated:

“The reason I chose this quote was to show that we are all works in progress, and that by changing our perspectives we can in fact change who we are” (Blanken F. , 2012)

From this perspective of showing that we are all works in progress and as an example of how Im approaching the Field of Organizational Behavior, the remainder of my Individual project will reflect the change in both me, but the understanding gleaned from this Course.

In addition to the material already presented, I will also be focusing on the Overarching topic of Organizational Culture by both defining the term, and showing how it effects each of the previous weeks Topics.

Organizational Culture
From our Textbook we find that Organizational culture. . .
“is the set of assumptions, beliefs, values, and norms shared by an organizations members. This culture may have been consciously created by its key members, or it may have simply evolved across time. It represents a key element of the work environment in which employees perform their jobs.”

“This idea of organizational culture is somewhat intangible, for we cannot see it or touch it, but it is present and pervasive” (Schaefer, 2011, p. 94).

However, what we will see in the following subject headings is that the “Culture” is in fact a very real and inclusive aspect of the field of Organizational Behavior.

History of the Workplace
When I began this course my first thought was that I was already at a disadvantage due to the fact that I have not worked professionally in my field, except for a few months in just under 21 years. The majority of that time was spent as a househusband raising 2 children, and attempting to find the time to go back to school to pursue my chosen field of either Allied Health Care, or Psychology. After several fits, and starts, and 2 hospitalizations because of my disability, I was finally able to undertake this very program of study. By approaching this with the idea of open-mindedness and a wonderful quote that I recently came across:

“An artists duty is rather to stay open-minded and in a state where he can receive information and inspiration. You always have to be ready for that little artistic Epiphany” (Cave, n.d.)

This inspiration came when I learned about Generational Diversity which is defined as:
“Important differences in values, aspirations, and beliefs that characterize the swing generation, the silent generation, the baby boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y” (Cascio F. W., 2010)

Because I as a Gen – Xer have seen many of the changes in Technology in my 42 years of life while raising two children as a househusband, and currently as a non – traditional student in a totally Virtual Campus. This has created a degree of stress which in one of the articles that I read for the Week One Individual Project gave me the understanding that I am not alone in my feelings concerning the stress inherent in advancing Technology (Tarafdar M, 2001).

For the Phase 1IP, I focused on utilizing an interview method of a friend of mine who is a Tech-Writer for a major Corporation (Siegel, 2012). Because of her unique situation, I discussed the Topics of Work Space Design, Hours of Operation, Reward Systems, and the Employer/Employee Contract. This was an interesting experience, and became a spring-board for which I have been able to explore the Subject of Organizational Behavior at a Psychological Researcher.

In terms of Organizational Culture, some managers see workplace environments as a minor aspect of the overall end product of the Company (Vischer, Winter 2007). An example of the impact, and affect that it had on my interviewee for my Week One IP, shows that it does in fact have both positive and negative consequences in terms of overall productivity (Siegel, 2012).

Technology in the Workplace
As technology has become an integral part of our Society, and has advanced exponentially over the last 20 + years, and what was primarily seen as “Traditional” and modernized to the point that it is causing added stress on the older generations (Cousins, 2009).

“This Discussion Board Post has been difficult to write for a number of different reasons. First off, I have spent most of my adult working life as a house husband until my separation and eventual divorce in 2004/2005. For the last 7 years I have attempted to obtain an education so that I can return to the workforce. As a member of Generation – X, with both of my children Gen – Y, and finding that many of my fellow students being the same generation as my children, it has been rather interesting to be a non – traditional student,

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