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India Gate is a well-known fast food restaurant, located in Warrnambool, Australia.
Were a great choice if youre looking for a delicious, yet affordable meal, especially on a beautiful day on hill top. Wests distinguished contemporary local cuisine and unchanged service has earned much critical commendations. Original seasonal ingredients are procured to deliver excellently discovered dishes offering modern analysis of classics. Were known as the GEM in Australias culinary crown. Being single fresh from farm western fast food restaurant, waiting is a ritual — there is almost always a line of customers waiting to order their favourite burgers and hot dogs.

Poor execution is the downfall of most startups. Customers foot fall started dipping unusually. Our internal customers were unhappy i.e the employees. Sales reflected the cause and effect, it was struck badly. The reason, our head chef had moved with better prospective. We had no one to replace him. Secondly, our competitor An Indian restaurant just opposite our restaurant started western fast food at very cheap price with a variety. Thirdly, tax has affected target consumers; they have cut back on spending, not willing to pay. We have a tough business environment ahead. Due to poor sales our restaurants expansion plans took back seat. But, there are several ways to avoid execution failure. Theres a saying,

If you cant measure it, you cant improve it, and what gets measured gets done.
— John A. Young (Presedient and CEO Hewlett Packard)
Therefore, we aspire to pump up customer satisfaction by superior values. Based on routine evaluations, survey forms, we breakthrough and obtained a competitive advantage, anticipated a marketing plan by offering superior value to the customers. This will increase our sales and cease any further pour down in sales. To increase sales by a good margin of 15-20% annually, we will also recreate our look and upsize to a local brand. We aim to have skills training for our internal customers as well.

India Gate is amazing, well-known restaurant. It has survived six golden years of its existence in Warrnambool, Australia. It started as working class restaurant serving average quality food, limited & healthy menu items, targeting the working people and tourists. Our quick-service and fast-casual is highly segmented. The operation time is from 11 am – 10 pm. We serve only non-alcoholic beverages. India Gates has always tried to stay farfetched from competitors, offering a fresh alternative to the ordinary fast food restaurant.

We have young & energetic employees. Most of them come from catering Institutes in Australia. In the highly competitive environment no employee wants to stick in one place. We have a high employee turnover rate. Bad but, people come and leave this stand alone, cold and stormy hill top. We have 50 seating capacity. Definitely try us for your next special occasion.

Customer satisfaction starts with CEO as a role model – talking, listening, respecting, creating and living the environment and having an open door to all employees at all times.

— Steve Watson, Chair and CEO Dayton Hudson.
The overall evaluation of a companys strengths (S), weaknesses (W), opportunities (O), and threats (T) is called SWOT analysis. — Armstrong Kolter (10e, p82)

To draw up new marketing strategy, a SWOT Analysis must be carried into execution. Strengths include internal capabilities, resources, and positive situational factors that may help the company to serve its customers and achieve its objectives. Weaknesses include limitations and negative situtional factors that may interfere with the companys performance. Opportunities are favourable factors or trends in the external environment that the company may be able to exploit to its advantage. Threats are unfavourable external factors or trends that may present challenges to performance.

Strengths: India Gates Castel has been loyal to its customers feedback. Our team has always worked on improving the taste & freshness by procuring the best possible ingredients for our all healthy menu items. We have the advanced kitchen equipments to minimize making time. Our marketing team in accordance with top management synchronize most competitive prices in last six years.

Weaknesses Our old traditional looking hamburgers and small portions. Youth may want some research & innovation in healthy eating & keeping fit! Our high staff turnover and not enough training and experience to takeover situational demand. Poor customer service, discounts and coupons are used as guards not as tools. Dont have home delivery though we advertised.

Opportunities As the economy grows, tourist and foot fall increases. We can expand seating arrangements under the natural umbrella, the sky. To cater increasing demand start home delivery on discounted rates. Increase marketing staff & train staff on each counter & service. Add occupational training programme.

Threats Raised tax by political parties on alcohol and other food items and on income / salaries. Increase in minimum wage and bad tippers. Competitors, Limited menu doesnt give customer a choice or a change. ,

The following recommendations or strategies will enhance the sales targets monthly & annually. These are subject to management approval.
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: One of the main objective of a restaurant is to ensure customer satisfaction and build a repeat-customer base. Customers come back when they think the restaurant has been loyal to them and rewarding. We can offer dinner cards (buy 10 meals and receive the 11th meal absolutely free) or (Discount coupons for their next purchase) This would bring back the the customer with a smile next time.

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